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Hi, I'm Lawrence Lanoff

I'm going to let you in on an an incredible sexual opportunity for average,
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the sexual psychology of women...

What women really want from men but refuse to tell us...

Why they say one thing but mean another...

WHY nice guys like you and me got rejected and abused again and again
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After months of research, I sat down at my laptop and I boiled down


I'd learned and discovered into

33 Powerful Tricks & Techniques

33 tricks that wake up the animal in a woman, make her feel safe and
open with you (and only you) and fixes her sexual hunger on you, right
where it belongs.

The Language of Lust

I've created an "Owner's Manual" for a woman's most important

erogenous zone...

Her mind

Her imagination

Inside Look at The Language of Lust

The Erotic Porn Script Technique...

I`ll show you how to use texts, Skype or the phone to create a vivid
emotional PORN MOVIE in her mind where she's the "innocent" girl and
you're the SEX GOD she'd do anything for.

The Dirty From A Distance method...

and how to give her more pleasure with your thumbs than any other guy
could with his whole body and an industrial strength vibrator.

You'll discover the secret power of Pleasure Resistance

and exactly what to say and do when she's "not in the mood" to have
her, gushing, spreading her legs and breathing heavy in seconds.

The Just Coffee Mind Lay...

Do this and she'll feel like you had deep, connected, rafter-shaking
sex without taking off a single item of clothing and without even

It's called

The Emotional Revenge Method

and it instantly triggers a vicious flood of emotions in a woman

You'll see a slightly cruel smile cross her lips... a glint in her
eye... and you lean back and enjoy the ride as she "gets back" at her
ex by giving you the dirty, sweaty time of your life

The Pavlov's Panty Drencher Technique...

Use this to condition a woman to become unreasonably turned on and
quiver with desire for you every time you whisper a seemingly innocent
phrase of your choice in her ear...

The Kink Exposure Method

allows you to discover her deepest, most hidden fantasies as easily as
taking a picture on your cell phone...

I call this

The Lust Mirror Technique...

It allows you to create a feedback loop of ravenous lust between you
and a girl... where the more turned on you are, the more turned on she

Until she's aching for you with sexual desperation, pulling you by the
belt to the bedroom and staring at you like a very hungry lioness who
just stumbled upon a porterhouse steak.

The Sexual Singularity...

And incredibly powerful word that hammers her attention to you and
makes her feel more desired, lusted after, wanted and appreciated than
any man has ever made her feel before (or ever will again.)

And so much more


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Unlocking The Threesome Code

I'll teach you a simple sequence of psychological hacks to awaken a
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lusting after girls... craving their touch... and thinking you're doing
her a favor when you finally agree to let her bring another girl into
the bedroom with you.
The Good Girl's Guide to Texting Dirty


Personal Porn Star Activation...

will get even the shyest woman not only to watch porn with you but to
take notes and try out what she sees on the screen...

I promise you'll be shocked and will feel a wide smile spread across
your face when you look down and feel like you're suddenly inside your
own personal porn movie.
Silent Seduction


The Nice Guy's Guide To Texting Dirty...

My private collection of Done For You Dirty Texts... over 200 tested
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language of women to turn her on on autopilot.

What's AMAZING about these texts is that they start turning up the heat
with a girl you have your eye on before you even have your first
date... and cut the time it takes to get her naked, sweaty and
screaming your name by days or even weeks.
Unstoppable Confidence

Let me leave you with one final lesson

Do you know what women find irresistibly attractive in men?


The ability to see something you want
(and you can feel you want this so much)
And go after it.

I've unlocked the door.

All you have to do is walk through it.

I hope you understand that I've stacked the deck so much in your favor
that you can't lose.

Actually there is one way you can lose

By walking away from this wonderful opportunity

But you've suffered and craved incredible sex with incredible women
long enough...

Just click the button below

I personally promise you'll be happy you did.

Again, I'm Lawrence Lanoff and I can't wait to hear about your success.
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